The overall hockey game

Hockey is played by two teams of 11 players. 10 outfield players and a goalkeeper. Each team has a captain who can complain to the team with the arbitration if there is disagreement. A hockey game consists of two halves of 35 minutes in between to rest for 5 minutes. Besides the 22 hockey players hockey has two referees whistle each one side of the hockey. The referees led the race in the right direction.

In hockey player makes use of a hockey stick to play the ball. This can be done to the player in three different basic ways. First, a player can hit the ball. He makes a striking motion with his stick and plays this way the ball. Additionally, a player can push the ball. He places his hockey stick at the ball, then he pushes himself off the ball.

The third way to play a ball the flats. The player places the hockey stick flat on the ground and pushes the hockey stick on the ground the ball to play the ball. Besides the above basic ways to play ball hockey also has a number of variants of playing the ball. This is a variant on the push, which allows a player plays the ball through the air.

Types of hockey

Hockey has long played on grass pitches. However, over the past fifteen years there has occurred a change in the hockey world. These days almost everywhere played on artificial turf. These artificial grass surfaces have the advantage that they are straighter than the old-fashioned natural grass which the ball bounces and rolls faster less. As a result, the hockey game has been increased in recent years in speed.

Hockey Equipment

The players at hockey make use of a number of hockey materials. First, they have hockey shoes. Hockey Shoes have sturdy shoes that have studs on the bottom side to keep a grip on artificial turf. In addition, shin guards required and the bit highly recommended. Increasingly, players have a protective glove in order to ensure that the hands can not be achieved on the rough synthetic turf open when playing a ball.

The men wear a pair of shorts and a shirt and the ladies skirt and a shirt. During the penalty corners allows the defending team often use so-called face-off masks that protect the face during a drag on goal. A hockey goalie has protection over his body, the keeper the hockey may indeed stop his body.