With swimming you have the big advantage that you do not have to carry the weight of your own body. This puts less strain on the joints. All your forces will be distributed. For example, you go for an hour run, this can be very taxing on your knees and ankles. If you’re swimming then you are not dealing with these types of loads.

With swimming you use many muscles
swimThe water creates some resistance, so you will therefore be using every muscle in your body. If you often swims you can ensure that you grow more muscles. Additionally stag good for your fitness and cardiovascular health. In many species of sport you realize that you burn many calories. That is also sure to notice if you are doing your exercises in the pool. Your body will definitely be tighter.

Ensure that swimming is fun
Swimming can be very boring, so try to avoid getting quickly pulls out. Do not just swim laps, but go more fun water activities maintained. Aqua jogging, aqua gym and aerobics are fun sports, where you will load a lot of muscles through a lot of exercises. What do these sports exactly?

Aqua Jogging
Aqua jogging is a very intensive running training, which is done in the water. You can fully train your body without having to use joints and ligaments. You use a wet-belt ‘, this is a band that generates an upward force. This will keep you float vertically and can perform the exercises better.

The benefits of swimming
Many experts suggest that swimming has advantages, especially in the social, psychological and physical. Examples are: a better heart, improvement of the lungs, and many more.