lose weight is one of the useful methods to get more exercise. Walking regularly contributes to weight loss and can be as effective as jogging. It is a simple and readily accessible way for most people. Walking is simple, cost little or no money and requires no special equipment except good walking shoes.

Important factors that determine weight loss when hiking
walkingIncreased metabolism and fat burning
Who generally has a passive lifestyle and starts walking, his body will slowly get used to doing an exercise or activity. This will increase the metabolism in the body. The metabolism is a term used to refer to the process that consumes energy turnover and in your body. These processes include muscle growth, digestion and greasy build or resorption. As a result of an increased metabolism your body will thus faster burning calories and therefore also more burn fats.

Increase muscle mass
By walking regularly will increase your muscle mass. This is also beneficial for fat burning. The more muscle, the higher the fat burning even at rest. To walk you use the muscles in your neck, back, chest and back to run in a correct posture. In addition, your calves, thighs, hamstrings and hip muscles trained. Also, if you also still moves with your arms, you use have suggested to arm and shoulder muscles. Finally, when body fat is converted into muscle, your body will automatically start to look slimmer.

To walk you do not really need any special equipment but some things are advisable and useful if you make regular long walks. It is always better to be well prepared for all conditions.

1.Good walking shoes
Good walking shoes should have a shock-absorbing sole and provide adequate support so that injuries can be prevented. The shoes must be adapted to the shape of your feet. Furthermore, it is easier to walk with shoes that have already been run. With new shoe hiking is not always desirable. New shoes may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. Walk your shoes should always first few days at home before you were going hiking.

2. Comfortable clothes
What clothes you wear, will greatly depend on the season and weather conditions as well as hiking clothes should fit comfortably. It is advised to wear breathable clothing and if necessary, to wear in cold weather several thin layers. If you then get too hot, you can always pull out something and vice versa depending on your own feelings.

3.Small backpack
If you plan to take a long walk, it is recommended to take a small waterproof backpack that is adjustable, so you can change it easily and can carry on your back. In your backpack you can store the things you could possibly need during the hike. The important thing to take is water and a small snack to eat.

For example if you walk in a forest, you can go for long periods not encounter anything to drink or eat. In addition, for example, you can a raincoat or poncho stabbing in. A first aid kit with blistering plasters, plasters, insect repellent ointment, tick tweezers, scissors, bandages, basic medication and painkillers are always handy.