All over the world are held each year hundreds of tennis, but there are only four major tournaments in tennis really important for the career of a professional tennis player, these tournaments are collectively known as the Grand Slam.

The Grand Slam tournaments attract the most talented tennis players from around the world. And they have a rapid and often exciting competition. Can participate in a Grand Slam tournament is a huge honor, and winning a tournament can be a major boost for tennis career. An athlete who manages to win all four Grand Slam titles in one year, thus achieved the highest in tennis. There are different types of players, men and women who can play both singles and doubles.

tennisThe term Grand Slam
The term “Grand Slam” is used as a reference since 1933 for these four major tournaments. The first to use the term was the sports columnist John Kieran. The four Grand Slam tournaments: the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. The tournaments are spread throughout the year, making the tennis players have plenty of time to recover and train for the tournament.

The Australian Open
The Australian Open was first held in 1905 in Melbourne, Australia. The tournament is traditionally held in January, during the peak of summer in the southern hemisphere, and the tournament is notorious for its massive heat. The tournament is even for the seasoned tennis heavy attrition.

The French Open
The French Open was established as a national tournament in 1891 and became international in 1925. The tournament is held in May / June in Paris.

In June / July, the English Wimbledon is the battleground for one of the big tournaments for The Championships, Wimbledon, this tournament has been held since 1877. And the winner of this tournament will receive in addition a silver cup also a million. So play all tennis players participate again here.

The US Open
The US Open was founded in 1881, and this tournament is held in New York in September. This is the fourth tournament in the Grand Slam series. The past year was at this tournament more than 24 million euros in prize money. This ensures that no actual top tennis player these tournaments is absent.